Frequently Asked Questions

Herren Wellness at Jacob Hill is a residential recovery and wellness program that helps to empower individuals in their recovery from substance use disorder and other behavioral health conditions through life coaching, education, fitness, sleep analysis, nutritional guidance and mindfulness strategies.
How long is the stay?

Guests stay a minimum of 4 weeks and may request up to 6 months.

What is the cost?

4 weeks is $12,500 to $15,000.

Do you take insurance?

Insurance does not cover our program, as we do not provide medical or clinical services. We are not a detox facility so if you feel you may be in need of detox or we determine after talking with you that a detox is necessary we will help you get to the right facility for you and once detox is complete you return to Herren Wellness Group afterward.

What does a typical day look like?

Here is a typical day:

8:00-8:30am   Mindfulness

8:30-9:30am  –  Breakfast

9:45-10:15am  –  Reflections group

10:30am-12pm  –  Educational Workshop

12-1pm  –  Lunch

1-5pm   –  Holistic Services (acupuncture, reiki, massage), yoga, personal training

5-6pm  –  Dinner

7-9  –  In-house guest speakers or outside support meeting

Are there services for families?

Family can be an important part of a guests’ support network, and we have a family specialist who specializes in helping families through the healing process. Our family specialist is available before, during, and after a guest’s experience here at Herren Wellness.

Can guests have visitors? and when?

Yes, at the discretion of the Directors. Most visitation occurs on the weekends but exceptions are made based on family availability.

Can a guest be on medication?

Approved medications are based on individual medical history and diagnosis.

Can a guest bring a cellphone or laptop?

Yes, however during groups and sessions, we ask that phones and laptops remain in the office.

Do guests need to bring cash and credit cards?

We prefer to have a credit card on file that we can bill for incidentals such as hair appointments, clothing, and extra holistic services.