Discover Your Why

At Herren Wellness, we ask you to Discover Your Why through a journey of self-reflection and discovery. As you uncover “why” you are seeking our services, we’ll be there to guide you with a blueprint for success.

HERREN WELLNESSWellness. Inspiration. Empowerment.

Herren Wellness is a residential substance use, health, and wellness organization for men and women founded by former NBA basketball player, Chris Herren. An acclaimed motivational speaker, Chris has developed innovative prevention, treatment, and recovery solutions. The Herren Wellness approach empowers individuals to meet life’s challenges through life coaching, education, fitness, sleep analysis, nutritional guidance and mindfulness strategies.


“I’ve often thought how different my life might have been if, before I turned to alcohol and drugs, I could have gone to a place that taught me alternative ways to deal with my internal struggles.“

Our Unique Approach to Recovery

We know that recovery, from anything, is so much more than ceasing maladaptive behaviors. Recovery is about uncovering the life experiences, behavioral health conditions, personal relationships and/or external influences that lead people to substance use and other behaviors that aren’t serving them.

At Herren Wellness we guide our guests through a process of self-discovery, helping them uncover why they are turning to unhealthy behaviors or substances, and give them the sustainable tools they need to live healthy, whole, authentic, and substance-free lives. We focus on our guests’ strengths and what works for them as individuals who are more than their current struggles. We don’t dwell on what’s wrong, instead, we like to ask: what’s right?
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